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Drumroll please……..

To answer the final assignment given to me in my social media class, I decided to make a flash website (cause ya know, I had all the time in the world during finals week…..)

So here is the link! Hope anyone who comes across it enjoys it!! 🙂


shiny skills

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A Tad Underwhelmed…

Jordan and I (as you could tell from my previous dorky posts) were SO excited about Power Up Gambia but now they’ve gone totally M.I.A.


We want to help so bad and we’re so excited. We’re hoping to hear from them soon because we really want to attend some of their meetings and do some change before the semester is over…

I’ll keep you posted on our rejection…



Jordan and I are so excited about the proposal we put together for Power Up Gambia. It’s actually beautiful, we’re both really proud of it! Here are some of the points we included on it:

1. Setting up a Twitter account for PUG and connecting them with other organizations with similar interests

2. Spicing up their Facebook fan page

3. Putting pictures on their website

4. Establishing a blog for PUG wherein they could explain up coming events and projects

5. Implementing the use of Flickr for PUG

We hope they are open to trying most, if not all, of these things. We really think we could help a lot with their social media strategy. It’d be really cool to use all of the things we’ve learned from Dr.Knight for a good cause.

I’ll keep you posted on their response!!!

Peace out W.P.


Power Up Gambia’s mission is to “provide reliable electricity and water to healthcare facilities in The Gambia through solar energy.” Before you think ‘sowhat?!’“Imagine a hospital without electricity, nurses having to tend to patients, deliver babies and set IV lines by candlelight. Emergency surgeries would be impossible. Children in respiratory distress would have no supplemental oxygen from oxygen concentrators. Drugs and vaccines dependent on refrigeration would be ruined. But solar power can change this. That’s the vision of Power Up Gambia.”

Through Beautiful Social, my classes enterprise to help charities and non-profits with their social media strategy, myself and Jordan Lopiano ( both volunteered to help PUG because we’re so interested in their cause. We’re contacting them today and are (embarrassingly) excitedddd!

Food in Jars = Ideas in Blogs

Marisa McClellan was a guest speaker in my Social Media class and I found it very interesting. Her blog is very popular and she came to tell us how we can be blogging superstars too!

I was most interested in her ideas for how to get traffic to your blog. Blogs are so popular now that there is hundreds of blogs about every topic that already have fans so it’s really important to encourage people and give them a reason to go to your blog. Marisa told us that the best way to get traffic to your blog is to be nice and write about more established blogs with similar topics and hope that they might do the same for you eventually! Also, putting thoughtful comments on their blogs can also cause them to mention yours! Also, pictures really help to make your blog more interesting and easy to browse through.

Brand Yourself Widget

It’s very important to create a brand personality, even just for yourself. Have a twitter. Market yourself. Create an online identity. Treat your ideas like they are a product that you are selling.

This article is very informative on branding yourself online…

Also, this video is really cool and interesting!


will you be a part of a civic engagement? ..I DO

Corny title I know but my sister just recently got married so I’ve got weddings on the brain. Civic engagement has made me think a lot about what I want to do with my life. After spending so much time in Dr. Knight’s classes it seems like selling out to follow my original career paths. The shock of changing my mind completely led to a lot of soul searchinnn dude.

But I’ve also realized that I can combine civic engagement to my original ideas. Growing up I’ve always wanted to work in one of two industries: Publishing or Fashion. Neither exactly screams “this will help people!” But I can use my expertise in Social Media and Communications to help with areas of these industries that belong to civic engagement. Such as sustainable fashion!

Please watch these videos on sustainable fashion, it’s so much more interesting and easy to be a part of then you think!