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Random Blogs for my Random Life

With the help of and some intense searching, I have found four blogs that I feel will keep my interest piqued enough that I’ll want to keep going back to them (all for very different reasons). The first blog I found is called “Quick and Dirty Tips: Grammar Girl”, This blog is done using audio “episodes” and explores random/common  grammatical errors in a funny and interesting way. I love grammar and I am frequently referred to as the “Grammar Queen” among my friends.

“WeddingBee”, is the next blog I will be following for only one reason: my older sister just got engaged and I am Maid of Honor. This comes with many responsibilities that I am finding very overwhelming and I figured that following a daily blog on a popular wedding website would help take some of the pressure off.

The next blog I found interesting is “List Maven”, This is done by a group of people who make daily lists concerning random topics in the areas of fashion, beauty and health. All things I am very admittedly interested in.

This last blog might seem the most random but I have also chosen “Bonnie’s Blog of Crime”, It follows past and present headline worthy crimes. Check it out, it’s pretty interesting and also links to other blogs following more specific topics in crime.


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