you've seen it all before..


webby awards   …I think the concept of having awards for websites is a really cool idea! Websites take a lot of hard work and are now just as prevelant in our media as tv shows, music and movies, so it’s understandable that they should have their own awards. As cool as I thought this whole concept was…I was not overly impressed by most of the websites I checked out. I know the catergories were all really different and that I shouldn’t expect the best news website to amaze me with graphics…but some of them were SO boring, some were slow and others just didn’t make sense. I suppose I was spoiled by the two websites we looked at in class (Sour Sally and Turbo Gene Test) because they were awesome to explore!

Turbo Gene Test turbo test and Sour Sally sour sally


…In the end, I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed the winner of “IT Hardware/Software” which was “HP Creative Studio”. They had all these cool templates for calendars and other stuff…and the best part is that most of it was free! I had fun playing on it and I know that a lot of people would really enjoy it.

check it out >>


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