you've seen it all before..


I made some changes to my blog! Check them out!


On my first post, I broke up the paragraph so that it wasn’t an intimidating chunk of text. I also added a link to second life and added a screenshot.

On my second post, I added the links to all the blogs I referenced and just to make it more interesting, I bolded and added color to the titles of the blogs.

On my third post, I added links to the TED Talks videos and bolded “TED Talks” and made it red, kind of like the title on the website. I also added an image of the logo.

On my fourth post, (which I particularly like the most) I started with the Webby Awards logo and website link and then after mentioning Turbo Gene Test and Sour Sally, I added screenshots of both. And then I added the link to the HP Creative Studio website that I mentioned.


I left my fifth post the same because it was just the usability test. I really like the template I’m using, so I decided to keep it. I think it shows my personality without being too distracting to the rest of the site. I have not changed the title of my blog yet because I have not come up with anything I really like so that will be coming soon, hopefully!


I hope you like the change !!!


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