you've seen it all before..

I’d like to be an astronaut, or maybe a ballerina…

The Blue Owls are off to a pretty good start with our digital story! We’ve decided to ask two dramatic questions, sort of… What DID you want to be when you grew up? and What DO you want to be when you grow up? Which question we ask depends on the age of the person we’re interviewing, since we’re going to be ranging from older to younger. I’m really excited to get started on the editing and putting it all together but first we have to compile as many interviews as we can! We’re hoping to get a wide variety of answers and to hopefully explore why people’s dreams change…if they ever really do.


I’m a little nervous though too, because after watching The Cutting Edge and reading The Conversations, I’ve realized how much really goes into editing. I just hope my group can handle it! Overall, I’m just really excited to do something I’ve never done before!


One response

  1. Phil

    Oh we can handle the editing of it. I think it will be fun and a good experience. I also look forward to it. We will probably have to cut out a lot of interviews too but that’s alright haha. Making decisions like that will be tough.

    October 2, 2009 at 6:31 pm

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