you've seen it all before..

my own digital world.

I’ve loved social media for as long as I can remember having access to it.  “Webshots” was a website where you could upload photo albums, long before myspace and very long before facebook. My best friends and I used it religiously at the tender age of 12; making new usernames everytime our free membership’s maxium of 120 photos was up. But, when “MySpace” became more popular than the mall food court on a Friday night, my friends and I thought we were WAY too cool. “Facebook” rocked my world though.

My older sister informed me that you couldn’t go to college without having a facebook. Luckily, it became a neccesity by my junior year in high school, and I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. I was deeply enthralled by the internet by that time and facebook gave me an acceptable outlet for it. I could post funny links or pictures to my other friends’ facebooks and upload photo albums. I was obsessed and it’s barely worn off with time. Everytime I walk into my apartment, I open my computer and pull up Facebook and my E-mail, every single time.

While I haven’t expaded myself into other social media websites (yet!)  like “Twitter” or “Flickr“, I still consider myself a social media groupie! And speaking of social media, check out this video, it’s really cool and informative about how social media is taking over the world!


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  1. Its sad to admit that “social media is taking over the world”, as you wrote. I watched the video that you embeded, it says “96% of people engaged in social media.
    I think it’s a good thing that people can build a stronger relationship and connection via using social media. But sometimes, cencership needs to be built and improved, so that our privacy won’t be sabotaged, and our relationship and intimacy won’t be distorted.
    Sometimes I get intimidated by how fast and wide information transferrs and covers.

    October 25, 2009 at 9:50 pm

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