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my ever-expanding vocabulary.

In class the other day, we watched a youtube video of a lecture that Jyri Engestrom called “Nodal Points (The Web and Beyond)”. I found the bits and pieces of this lecture that I saw very englightening and true. Engestrom hit many topics that most people don’t stop to think about, even though they are apparent in day to day life. I have never stopped to think about all the new vocabulary that we have thanks to social media until listening to Engestrom and doing the exercises about verbs in class. Words like tagging, status updating, friending, blogging, and even ‘creeping’ are now a part of our day to day conversations. It makes me wonder what new words we’ll have in six months, or six years. The picture I posted below gives some insight to how social media and verbs are connected!

social media verbs


Speaking of social media, my new trial with twitter isn’t going so well. I’m still not in the habit of ‘tweeting’ everytime I do something like eat dinner or cure the common cold. I’m hoping to get better at it without also getting addicted (facebook already takes up way too much of my time). I’ll keep you posted (that’s a pun on social media vocab, haha) about how it’s going! Also, we watch a lot of “In Plain English” youtube videos in class and I found one on twitter that I think is cool…check it out!



2 responses

  1. Phil

    I got some new vocabulary for ya…Blue Owling=being awesome. No just kidding. But seriously I think it is pretty cool how new words like the ones you pointed out pop up in our everyday lives now. It is kind of confusing, giving technical terms to social media websites, I think Jyri made things more confusing then they should have been. But it’s fun to learn about hehehaha

    November 3, 2009 at 7:18 pm

  2. dmcostello

    I never even realized the new vocabulary that we’ve picked up you are so right hahahah. You would never think “friending” would actually be a verb hahaa. Ps I hope Twitter gets a little easier for you haha. Your right though Facebook does take up a lot of time!

    November 4, 2009 at 4:28 pm

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