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The Illusion Of…

Chapter 5, The Illusion of America, was SO boring compared to some of the other chapters. I’m not saying I need graphic details about porn (Illusion of Love, chapter 2) in order to be interested, but Chapter 5 just couldn’t keep my attention. It also wasn’t just because of the topic. While reading about corporate bailouts, Wall Street, etc, isn’t usually my favorite subject, if Hedges had written it with the same impact and intensity that he had written the other chapters, it would have been a lot easier to read. Unfortunately, Chapter 5 was just a rambling rant about how much America sucks.

Anways, my group had to do their presentation on chapter 5 and below is a relevant video that we will be showing…


One response

  1. hey! yes chapter 2 was very graphic and boring compared to your chapter. i felt your chapter had a pessimistic view of our country and i would not find reading it entertaining at all! but you had a lot of great points that you made in class and your presentation was entertaining!

    i also love your quote from carrie bradsaw : )

    February 8, 2010 at 1:45 am

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