you've seen it all before..

Through Diversity and Back Again…

The first ten years of my life, I lived in Edison, New Jersey– a VERY culturally diverse place. I attended the local Catholic school where my best friends (basically my girl scout troop) were all completely different from each other. In search of a bigger house, and room for their now four children, instead of 3, my parents moved us to the most un-culturally diverse town in New Jersey..maybe the United States. To give my parents credit, they did not choose it because of this, my new town had one of the best public schools in the state and who doesn’t like some good free education?? So the bulk of my growing years (10-18) were spent with people who looked exactly like me, did all the things I did, had all the things I had, and were on the same paths I was. Saint Joe’s appealed to me for so many reasons and one of them was the ability to meet people who were not clones of me. I’m not under the illusion that SJU is completely diverse, I know it could be a lot better in that aspect, but compared to where I come from, it’s such a difference. I’m hoping to continue my search for diversity because I believe that you can learn something from every single person.

<< I am not in this picture, but this is basically how my group of friends in Edison looked like!

 << this is a look at some of my friends from high school, all pretty similar….


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