you've seen it all before..

I want to BE THERE, okay?

When did the term “Surrogates” start to refer to real life SecondLife avatar robots?? This idea is so terrifying and scary because it’s so new and unfathomable. It allows people to step outside of their life, enjoy things that are bad with no consequences, and not be able to get hurt. Sounds brilliant, but in reality, it’s kind of a cop-out. Why would I want to sit in a room feeling the sensation of being touched, or walking in the rain, or eating delicious food, instead of actually being there and experience. What is my body for if not for living? I will say right now that I do not believe in Divine Creation, I firmly believe in Evolution. Do I hope there is a higher power out there somewhere making life less meaningless? Sure. But I don’t really know what I believe firmly yet. My point is, my ideas don’t come from any religious backgrounds or hangups. I just want to live my life. I want to kiss my boyfriend, and not only feel it but BE THERE. I want to hug my best friend when she’s sad, and not only feel it but BE THERE. I want to play with my sister’s new dog, or my brother’s new guinea pig, and not only feel it but BE THERE…well you get the point right? I see the allure of being protected against harm but there’s a reason why humans aren’t a perfect, a reason why we’re breakable…it’s so we can feel the joy and sometimes, pain, of taking risks.

Basically, this….

Will turn into this…


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  1. gratuitousglimpses

    I love your point: “What is my body for if not for living.” In The Surrogates the owners let go of their bodies by not exercising, wearing pajamas, and staying inside all day. This lifestyle (sans the life) sounds dreadful.

    April 17, 2010 at 6:37 pm

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