you've seen it all before..

“I’m Gonna Live Forever!” …no thanks (but feel free to remember my name)

Being human means feeling emotions. It means not being a robot. It means being able to feel pain, love, comfort, anger, sadness, joy, and everything else in between. Many people say that being human has to do with procreating but in today’s society with so many different sexual orientation, it seems wrong to categorize humanity that way. I think living forever is a fantasy that seems amazing but would be terrible for the human race. First of all, we’re already dealing with problems that come from overpopulation…poverty, famine, homelessness, etc. Could you imagine how much worse those problems would become if people lived forever? Second of all, death is the biggest motivator we have. We take risks, we follow our ambitions and dreams, we let ourselves fall in love, we push boundaries…we do these things because we all have deadlines. Without the motivation of death, we would become lazy and take way too long to do things, and possibly never get around to them. I don’t think I would change anything about human nature…would  I like it if violence stopped? Yes. But does that mean no one will be able to feel passion or anger? There’s so much give and take with every wish and decision, it doesn’t seem worth it to change it.

The future of technology makes me very excited. I know a lot of people are scared, like Bruce Schneier, but I think that if we handle if properly, this technological revolution could be such an exciting thing. Nick Bostrom has the right idea in at least trying to stay positive about something that is definitely inevitable.

I’d like to end this post on a cheesy, yet relevant, note…

I couldn’t get the picture to be any bigger so the quote says (in case you can’t read it):

“dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”


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