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Books vs. Movies — is there even a question?!

I try to understand the book to movie adaptation process but usually still end up frustrated. I love to read so much that I become very immersed in whichever book I’m reading and am almost always disappointed if there’s a movie made about it. A movie doesn’t capture every detail that a book can– it has so many limitations. I really enjoyed the graphic novel, The Surrogates and was very excited to see it live. However, the creator of the movie left out and added certain things that completely changed main components of the movie. For one, the fact that when a surrogate dies, the person it is connected to dies? That completely alters how people feel about surrogates, how likely they’d be to consider them and changes the image of the prophet. My least favorite change was how Bruce Willis’ character’s wife, Maggie, doesn’t commit suicide at the end. While that part of the novel was sad, it accurately exposed how intensely people feel about themselves and their surrogates and also implied how more people are likely to react.

I’ve been disappointed by film adaptations for a long time but there are actually some that I don’t mind for whatever reason. Any Jane Austen or Harry Potter book that has been turned into a movie is one of my favorite movies, as well as, my favorite books.


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