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A book with good intentions has my vote…

Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know by David Bornstein and Susan Davis was a very informative book overall. There were definitely some parts that did not interest me but I think that’s because it was very comprehensive. They didn’t just focus on the “fun” parts of Social Entrepreneurship but also, and mostly, on the realistic parts. I was taken aback at times by the very specific descriptions of who a social entrepreneur should be because a lot of it didn’t describe me so it was a bit discouraging. I think a book about such a worthwhile topic should focus more on bringing more people into the field instead of excluding them.

Overall, I think this book is extremely helpful in a class such as Social Media and as a introduction to the field of Social Entrepreneurship. If I were to give tips on a second edition, I would definitely say that they should focus on encouraging more people to be involved in social entrepreneurship and to not make it sound so daunting. In the end, the more people we have trying and failing at social entrepreneurship is better than people not trying at all.

David Bornstein has a lot of great insight on this subject so check out his blog!

Here’s the cover of the book (which could definitely use an update too!)


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