you've seen it all before..

Food in Jars = Ideas in Blogs

Marisa McClellan was a guest speaker in my Social Media class and I found it very interesting. Her blog is very popular and she came to tell us how we can be blogging superstars too!

I was most interested in her ideas for how to get traffic to your blog. Blogs are so popular now that there is hundreds of blogs about every topic that already have fans so it’s really important to encourage people and give them a reason to go to your blog. Marisa told us that the best way to get traffic to your blog is to be nice and write about more established blogs with similar topics and hope that they might do the same for you eventually! Also, putting thoughtful comments on their blogs can also cause them to mention yours! Also, pictures really help to make your blog more interesting and easy to browse through.

Brand Yourself Widget

It’s very important to create a brand personality, even just for yourself. Have a twitter. Market yourself. Create an online identity. Treat your ideas like they are a product that you are selling.

This article is very informative on branding yourself online…

Also, this video is really cool and interesting!



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