you've seen it all before..


Jordan and I are so excited about the proposal we put together for Power Up Gambia. It’s actually beautiful, we’re both really proud of it! Here are some of the points we included on it:

1. Setting up a Twitter account for PUG and connecting them with other organizations with similar interests

2. Spicing up their Facebook fan page

3. Putting pictures on their website

4. Establishing a blog for PUG wherein they could explain up coming events and projects

5. Implementing the use of Flickr for PUG

We hope they are open to trying most, if not all, of these things. We really think we could help a lot with their social media strategy. It’d be really cool to use all of the things we’ve learned from Dr.Knight for a good cause.

I’ll keep you posted on their response!!!

Peace out W.P.


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