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A book with good intentions has my vote…

Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know by David Bornstein and Susan Davis was a very informative book overall. There were definitely some parts that did not interest me but I think that’s because it was very comprehensive. They didn’t just focus on the “fun” parts of Social Entrepreneurship but also, and mostly, on the realistic parts. I was taken aback at times by the very specific descriptions of who a social entrepreneur should be because a lot of it didn’t describe me so it was a bit discouraging. I think a book about such a worthwhile topic should focus more on bringing more people into the field instead of excluding them.

Overall, I think this book is extremely helpful in a class such as Social Media and as a introduction to the field of Social Entrepreneurship. If I were to give tips on a second edition, I would definitely say that they should focus on encouraging more people to be involved in social entrepreneurship and to not make it sound so daunting. In the end, the more people we have trying and failing at social entrepreneurship is better than people not trying at all.

David Bornstein has a lot of great insight on this subject so check out his blog!

Here’s the cover of the book (which could definitely use an update too!)


Lean On Sheena

One of my favorite bands, Bouncing Souls, said it best.. Lean on Sheena! Sheena Matheiken is the founder of the Uniform Project. This social change project was based on Sheena wearing the same LBD (little black dress!) for a whole year but dress it up in all different ways in order to raise money for kids in India to go to school. She made it an online campaign and ended up being able to send 287 kids to school! A group and I worked on a case study about Sheena and the Uniform Project and also about the sustainable fashion movement– check it out below (click on the link)! Also, look at the picture I posted of Sheena rocking the same dress in SO many different ways!!   << our Prezi on the Uniform Project!

Also, check out the Uniform Project’s Year One and Year two.. here…




No more excuses…

In regards to living a more “Civic Life”…there are absolutely no more excuses not to. With the recent surge of internet activism groups, or just everyday activists posting their ideas and opinions online– no one has a reason for not being involved. Also, people are so addicted to the internet that if they start belonging to a certain activism group online, they might have more of a chance to make it longterm since people are always online.

Personally, my community isn’t really in need of people spending their time helping out…my community should be using their resources to help other communities. My neighborhood is very close and always having parties together and going places together..maybe I can get them to all participate in something I found online?? Ideas…

The real issue with living a Civic Life is that many people get amped up for it in the beginning and then eventually stop participating because they lose interest, become too busy or some other excuse…hopefully now with the internet, people can remain aware and involved!!


All the TEDTalks have been wonderful!! ..and I am not just saying that, believe me, I wouldn’t say ALL of the them last semester were wonderful. But everyone in our class not only stepped up and made their presentation excellent, but everyone has been in good attendance for everyone else’s presentation. Also, we have such a wide range of topics. From vegetarianism to a local coffee shop to unethical advertisements…all the talks have been crazy informative and not boring at all. I would definitely say that our class has IDEAS WORTH SPREADING….


Emily McCracken spotlights Jerry Paffendorf, a social entrepreneur and the developer of LoveLand. McCracken explains what it takes to become someone like Jerry and interactively shows how to buy inches in Detroit— she is a proud “inchvester” herself. This TED has a lot of fast talking, brilliant visuals, fun topics and even a live chat with Jerry himself!!

Books vs. Movies — is there even a question?!

I try to understand the book to movie adaptation process but usually still end up frustrated. I love to read so much that I become very immersed in whichever book I’m reading and am almost always disappointed if there’s a movie made about it. A movie doesn’t capture every detail that a book can– it has so many limitations. I really enjoyed the graphic novel, The Surrogates and was very excited to see it live. However, the creator of the movie left out and added certain things that completely changed main components of the movie. For one, the fact that when a surrogate dies, the person it is connected to dies? That completely alters how people feel about surrogates, how likely they’d be to consider them and changes the image of the prophet. My least favorite change was how Bruce Willis’ character’s wife, Maggie, doesn’t commit suicide at the end. While that part of the novel was sad, it accurately exposed how intensely people feel about themselves and their surrogates and also implied how more people are likely to react.

I’ve been disappointed by film adaptations for a long time but there are actually some that I don’t mind for whatever reason. Any Jane Austen or Harry Potter book that has been turned into a movie is one of my favorite movies, as well as, my favorite books.

I want to BE THERE, okay?

When did the term “Surrogates” start to refer to real life SecondLife avatar robots?? This idea is so terrifying and scary because it’s so new and unfathomable. It allows people to step outside of their life, enjoy things that are bad with no consequences, and not be able to get hurt. Sounds brilliant, but in reality, it’s kind of a cop-out. Why would I want to sit in a room feeling the sensation of being touched, or walking in the rain, or eating delicious food, instead of actually being there and experience. What is my body for if not for living? I will say right now that I do not believe in Divine Creation, I firmly believe in Evolution. Do I hope there is a higher power out there somewhere making life less meaningless? Sure. But I don’t really know what I believe firmly yet. My point is, my ideas don’t come from any religious backgrounds or hangups. I just want to live my life. I want to kiss my boyfriend, and not only feel it but BE THERE. I want to hug my best friend when she’s sad, and not only feel it but BE THERE. I want to play with my sister’s new dog, or my brother’s new guinea pig, and not only feel it but BE THERE…well you get the point right? I see the allure of being protected against harm but there’s a reason why humans aren’t a perfect, a reason why we’re breakable…it’s so we can feel the joy and sometimes, pain, of taking risks.

Basically, this….

Will turn into this…